When Does Having Herpes Get Easier?

by RRD

I was diagnosed with herpes about 3 months ago, and I'm already fighting off my third outbreak. It feels almost as though every time I have sex since that first really awful one, it triggers another outbreak.

First it was only internal, and I was told it was most likely to stay there, if it ever came back at all. It's moved outward now and is so terrible I can't even sit down sometimes. I've learned to start taking 3 Acyclovir a day (instead of the regular suppressive 2) when I feel it coming, but it hasn't lightened up much.

I guess I just feel like most people tend to experience fewer outbreaks, even in the first year or so (which they say is the worst). Do some people really keep getting it once a month? I'd like to hear from people who had really hardcore beginnings like this, and whether it continued to happen this frequently or if it got any easier (and after how long). Any advice would be great. I'm a little scared of sex right now.

For what it's worth to others, don't let it tear you apart emotionally - and DO have "the conversation." I haven't had to tell anybody new yet but I did have to break it to the guy I got it from (who was apparently one of those 90% who didn't know). Hardest conversation of my life, hands down, but strangely I think it's made things better between us instead of worse. Some submissions on here are a little terrifying regarding the telling-your-partner part, but don't assume things will be the same for you. Educate yourself first, though - know your stuff, practice what you want to say, and go for it.

Thanks for your advice to our community! I'll try to offer a little advice on your outbreaks...

First, if you are experiencing outbreaks after having sex then for some reason or another your body is being placed under stress during sex. Stress (physical and mental) is nearly always the cause of outbreaks.

Try making sex more pleasant by using more lube to reduce the friction. Friction is our worse enemy during sex so adding a little may help.

Listen, three months is not a very long time to have this little visitor. Your body and immune system are trying to figure things out and how to fight it. Give it some time and try different treatment options. Your outbreaks will be fewer and much less severe in time.

Wishing you success and happiness!


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