Thinking About Herpes Before Entering The Dating World

by Anne
(Ontario, Canada)


I was diagnosed with Herpes years ago. Yet just recently I have been thinking about it a lot. I am thinking maybe I want a relationship with a man. I find these thoughts come up more when I am experiencing some feelings for a man. (If he only knows what I have), what will he do? Fear and anxiety sets in.

Do you have any answers to my problem?


Hi Anne and thank you for submitting your questions for our community. I'm certain that they're many people who have the same questions and hopefully my answers will not only guide you in the right direction but them too.

Being single and having herpes can be very difficult. We all have fears of being rejected and worst of all we have fears of transmitting the virus to someone we love.

However, on the bright side, being single with herpes can also be a very rewarding experience. An incredible journey of self-growth, complete honesty and finding true love.

All it takes to have a wonderful love life is to simply accept that herpes is now a part of you. Another amazing aspect of you that makes you an amazing person.

If you're constantly scared of the virus then you can't break free of the prison that binds you.

Let me ask you one simple question....OK? What is the absolute worse thing that could happen if you find a person and they are not interested in being with someone who has herpes?

Will they get up and walk out of the room? Will they throw a drink on you? Will they never call you again? I mean, in the grand scheme of life is any of these things really that bad? No.

If you are living a healthy and meaningful life that is founded on truth, honesty and being an all around good person then you will never have to fear the virus again. Or fear being rejected again.

Even if you do experience a rejection, chances are that the other person will not want to hurt your feelings.

Did you know that no one has ever suffered any lasting physical pain from being rejected? The only pain that you suffer is the pain that you have created for yourself.

Change your mind. Change your life. If someone rejects you then you have 2 ways of interpreting it:

1. I was rejected because I have herpes, or

2. I was rejected because he wasn't smart enough to recognize a good catch.

Why would you want to believe #1 instead of #2?

When a person experiences rejection, you need to re-interpret it for what it REALLY means:

1. The person does not know your value.

2. The person is showing you that they do not have what it takes to be the right person for you.

3. Saving you time, money, and emotional and physical effort.

Sorry for the long post but before you should attempt to get into the dating scene you need to work on your inner self. You need to be happy with yourself...even with herpes. You need to recognize that you are a unique and most amazing person. This will turn your fears into success!

May Peace Be With You!



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