Still Trying to Cope With HSV-2

In the beginning of October I thought that I might be pregnant so I decided to pay a visit to the OB-GYN for test and a check up. After I arrived and signed in, the nurse took me back and completed all of the initial paperwork, blood pressure, etc. After waiting for what seemed like hours a male doctor walked in. I was totally shocked because I usually have and prefer a female doctor because I feel more comfortable with women.

For some reason I didn't really like his attitude. I suppose it was because that he was very matter-of-fact and seemed to want to be somewhere else. Well any way he examined and swabbed me and then told me to go downstairs and give the swab to the lab and while I was there I should get blood samples taken too.

A few weeks later, I went back with an appointment. I had to go to see the male doctor again. He came into the room and brought with him the results of my swab and blood tests. That's when he dropped the bomb on me! He simply just told me that I "had" HSV2. He said that it's dormant and not to worry too much about it.

And that's all he said! In and out in about two minutes. He offered me no comfort or no explanation. He just told me that I should come back immediately if i have an outbreak. He didn't prescribe any medication. He never provided me with any information about where I can go for support groups or anything.

Needless to say I felt hopeless. I felt like something had died inside of my soul. As I left the office, I walked to the stairway which most of the people don't use and just dropped on my knees and cried.

It was hard for me to tell my boyfriend since me him and I were trying to have a baby. Needless to say, like me he was shocked. Quite frankly I'm surprised that he chose stay by my side. He still wants to be with me and doesn't want to leave at all.

One of the main things that I'm worried about is that because I went to the OB-GYN and they never told me that I had HSV2, I donated blood a couple times.

I thought that the OB-GYN was supposed to call and notify me about it but they never did! So I thought that I was clear from any STD. I'm still shocked because I have never seen any herpes blisters or seen any signs or symptoms of outbreaks. Plus I always checked myself too.

Thank you for sharing your story with our community. I'm certain that there are many people who have gone though some of the same struggles that you have.

First of all, although there is a lot to be said about your doctor's bedside manner, it's not totally surprising at all to hear that your doctor didn't explain this little virus better.

It seems (I'm generalizing here) that the medical community don't really take genital herpes as seriously as those of us who are diagnosed with it. And I believe it's for a good reason...because it's simply not that serious of a health condition.

Other than a few days of discomfort from the blisters and the flu-like symptoms that you might experience just before an outbreak HSV-2 doesn't present any life threatening conditions. Again there are some exceptions but as a rule, it's simply not a big deal to our overall physical health.

It's only a big deal to the individual because for the past 3 decades, there has been a strong negative stigma associated with someone who has the virus. Sadly as it seems, a genital herpes diagnosis is more of a mental health condition than a physical health condition.

It's just something about having a virus in our bodies that will never go away. A virus that can pop it's ugly head out at any time. The negative stigma will bring even the strongest person down.

However, there is a lasting bright spot in the madness. You have the power to change your outlook. You have the power to love yourself in spite of the stigma. The stigma only has power when you give it power. When you decide to take control again, you too will find the peace.

Wishing You The Best!


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