So What If I Have Genital Herpes

by Debbie
(Savannah, GA)

It has been 6 years since I had been diagnosed with genital herpes. I have experienced great times and not so great times, however I do believe I am at last beginning to accept that genital herpes is now a part of me. I now know where it fits directly into my life.

I take my own daily Valtrex and lysine every morning and move ahead with my day. I understand that every person's circumstance differs from the others, however I am feeling positive about the future. Life might not be so terrible after all.

I am thinking about biting the bullet and having "the herpes talk"... sooner or later. Maybe sooner or maybe later.

I am working on several techniques to ensure that I do not get really stressed out about it, and the biggest things are:

1. I Need To Get It Done! There isn't any way around this! It really is something you are going to HAVE to try and do, so deal with it. Getting frightened about this won't help to make it disappear. Getting nervous about being rejected won't imply you should do it any less. You Need To Do IT. Absolutely nothing you're feeling is likely to change that, so you don't have to turn it into some huge psychological deal. This is a requirement and you'll have to get it over and done with.

2. Enter in the romantic relationship understanding you are likely to have this kind of discussion. I most certainly will not tell myself "perhaps we will not reach a stage in which I need to. Maybe I wont even have to do it." if I understand right from the start that this is something i need to do, it isn't a shock whenever we reach that level. I am going to completely accept together with each and every possible relationship, I Might HAVE TO Let You Know. So why don’t I simply just do it now? I have genital herpes. I don’t have "H" I don’t have a "virus." I don’t have a "condition." I HAVE Genital herpes. Is that gonna be an issue for you? I would certainly understand.

3. Acknowledge the idea that I might end up being rejected, and It's NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. It’s practically worse when i was getting rejected being a completely healthy person being unsure of what it really was about me that made you turns away. If you do not desire to take the potential risks, I Definitely Do not BLAME YOU. It really is what it is. It’s not really important regardless of whether you say yes or no... It’s important that I did what's right by letting you know.

I’m working away at more, however these tend to be I believe the main ones to me. If you might have any more methods, then share.

Hi Debbie and Welcome to Living With Genital!

It sounds like you're on the right track but remember that you MUST fully accept that genital herpes is a part of your body.

Just working up the courage to have the herpes talk is great progress but you shouldn't just throw out your diagnosis to a new partner with the attitude of "take it or leave it". This shows a certain degree of low self confidence.

You wouldn't just show someone your weird birth mark and say "Take it or Leave it". No, let your partner know by making light of genital herpes.

Hang in there! You're making great progress!


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