Scrub off the sores after 48 hours or when they are blistery with a brush and Phisohex.

by Frank
(Las Vegas, NV USA)

I had this done one time when I saw an add for the cure. It turned out to be a Chiropractor and his female assistant. They told me that they could cure me for free. She had some kind of brush in her hand and put the Phisohex on the brush and blisters and scrubbed them off! She then put some kind of creamy gel on the area and turned on a heat lamp to dry the area for about 15 min. The breakout was on my backside. After it was dry, she put gauze over the place where the blisters were and I went home. It didn't cure me but the area no longer was painful and it quickly healed up with no problem. I never returned to them and this was in the 90's so I lost track of them. I never tried this but scrubbing off the blisters did relieve the pain. It was like they were never there! I never did this again because I feel it could be dangerous. Has anyone ever heard of this?

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