Pregnant, Herpes, Then Cancer!

This all started about 4 months ago, the whole nightmare.

I have been dating my boyfriend for the past two years, ours has not been an easy relationship, we have had our share of ups and downs-more downs than we could both handle...

So, we decided to split ways and lead our own lives. 2 weeks after which I found out that I was pregnant, words failed me, tears streamed down my eyes, what was I to do now?

I emailed my ex to tell him what had happened. I couldn't tell him on the phone or he would know how freaked out I was.

I stopped sleeping and everything in my body hurt and my heart ached. I am a student, without a job, what was I going to do after all?

I was always judgmental about abortion, and smirked at people who did get one, that they were "loose" in character, and there I was...pregnant and actually thinking about having an abortion!

My boyfriend was very supportive and I went to the abortion clinic in a cab, my heart was pounding...

I cried all the way through the treatment, still unable to believe that it was me on that table. The nurse came up to me at the time and told me I had a bacterial infection..that explains the burning in my vagina I thought...they gave me medications to treat my bacterial infection and I went home that day, still shaken.

One week later, the burning had got worse...I called the abortion clinic for advice and they told me to go to a women's clinic in the city. I followed their advice and by that time I had got many blisters in my genital area.

I was in an enormous amount of pain every time I went to the bathroom. I stopped drinking water, so I wouldn't have to pee as much.

The doctor took one look at it and said I had herpes but as a confirmation they had to send some swabs to the lab to confirm this.

Those 4 days of my life...was the worst. I did nothing but cry. I have never slept with anybody but my boyfriend, then how could this happen to me? I called the doctors office 5 times by the time they said the results were in.

I went there and found out I had Oral Herpes in my genital area and that it was very common and I could have had it from birth. And because the pregnancy was very stressful, it surfaced...I was so relieved...

The infection wouldn't go away and I didn't know what was happening. I felt so out of control, even with my own body. I visited the doctor a third time when I was diagnosed with vaginal cancer, very rare for a young woman...I'm only 21.

Everyone has hope, please don't let yourself go!
You deserve to be happy as much as everyone around you are. You never know what your friends are hiding from you, so don't hesitate to tell the person you love who you really are. They will stand with you and hold your hands through rough times.

Thank you for sharing your story! I don't need to add another word to it!

Please stop by again if you need a shoulder to cry on or better yet, lend your shoulder for someone else!

Wishing you success and happiness.


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