Pictures of Genital Herpes

Here is a small collection of pictures of genital herpes. From this extensive collection of herpes pictures, you should be able to gain a clear understanding about what herpes symptoms and outbreaks look like. The best way to know if you’re suffering from genital herpes is to look at the pictures of genital herpes below and conduct thorough research. You can then compare your own symptoms to these images and do a quick check.

These images of herpes photos were purposefully posted of both milder and extreme cases. Most genital herpes pictures found online are of extremely severe cases and don’t necessarily represent a typical outbreak. These photos represent the blisters and open sores on the buttocks, penis, vulva and vigina.

Genital herpes can be found on the vagina, back, thighs, knees, skin and almost any other part of a person’s body. If you see disturbing genital herpes pictures online, please remember that most of the time they don't represent normal outbreaks, signs and symptoms.

The most severe genital herpes pictures were probably taken during an initial outbreak or during the first year after being exposed to HSV.

A Collection of Pictures of Genital Herpes

Images of Herpes: The herpes simplex type 1 and herpes simplex type 2 viruses are enveloped...meaning that they are enclosed and are double-stranded DNA type viruses.

In this picture of genital herpes you will see an example of the early stages of an outbreak. Take note that all of the herpes blisters appear on the same red colored base.

In this picture you will see an example that shows the herpes blisters in the later stages of healing. Note: Crusting of the herpes blisters may not occur in the genital area because the area is often moist and warm.

Pictures of Genital Herpes on Buttocks

In the two picture of genital herpes above you see examples of the early stages of a herpes outbreak on the buttocks. Genital herpes outbreaks can appear on any part of the body but a general rule is that genital herpes outbreaks typically appear between the waist and the knees. The area is often known as the "Boxer Short" zone.

Pictures of Genital Herpes on Men (Penis)

In the pictures above you will see images of herpes on a male penis at different stages of an outbreak.  These are fairly typical of an outbreak. As you can see some of the blisters are quite small and can be overlooked or easily ignored. 

Pictures of Genital Herpes on Women (Vagina)

The five pictures of genital herpes above illustrate the severity of herpes outbreaks in women.  As you can see with the fourth image of herpes above, female outbreaks can be very mild too.  The picture only shows two blisters and I would imagine that this is fairly typical.  The last female genital herpes picture is probably the most severe case that I have ever seen. 

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