Oxygen Therapy For Herpes

The Oxygen Therapy for Herpes Program recommends using 35% Food Grade H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide (always dilute to proper specifications first) as a herpes remedy. And you can do this several ways.

Oral - Using 35% Food Grade hydrogen peroxide orally is an excellent herpes therapy and many people who have joined our program find that it is one of the best ways to get extra in-tissue oxygen to every part of the body.

Douche - Many women find that a properly diluted douche with H2O2 can ease symptoms and actually prevent an outbreak.

Enema - Both men and women who use hydrogen peroxide as an enema find that this reduces swelling and irritation almost immediately! It is also a good preventative against colon cancer, which can develop over years without warning.

Bath - Bathing in a properly diluted H2O2 solution can ease all-over body aches and make you feel refreshed and awake. This is not recommended before bedtime as the extra oxygen has been known to keep some people awake.

Shower - A pre-mixed spray works wonderfully after a shower to invigorate and will also kill harmful bacteria on the skin. Never use public utilities without some protection against harmful pathogens.

Inhalation - The inhalation method of using 35% Food Grade hydrogen peroxide is very helpful to those who simply can not tolerate the taste. You can choose either nasal inhalation or oral inhalation. Both will serve to deliver life-saving oxygen all over your body which will help you to fight off infections, colds, and the various flu bugs that go around.

There are many other uses for H2O2 as it helps the human body by delivering oxygen and the body uses oxygen 24 hours a day and for all of its processes. This makes oxygen therapy for herpes an ideal home remedy for HSV symptoms.

Your cells need enough oxygen to properly divide and your organs, joints and bones also use oxygen every minute of every day.

Yet the problem we see is that in an oxygen-deprived body, when there is not enough to go around, some of the major organs in the body will appropriate the oxygen they need from non-life-sustaining processes.

This is why we believe that the digestive and respiratory processes are the first to suffer. GERD, IBS, asthma, and many other diseases of the digestive and respiratory systems are breaking down in record numbers in relatively healthy people.

This is also the reason some people contract oral and genital herpes and other do not. The herpes virus can not live in a high oxygen environment. And this make oxygen therapy for herpes intriguing.

And if you are one of those people and you continue to swallow a pill in an attempt to retrain your body to live on less oxygen, you are fighting a losing battle.

The same is true for all the herpes medications that have sprung up and convinced you that they are helping you when all they are really doing is masking the symptoms and easing the pain.

Just give your body what it needs. Give your body the oxygen it needs to do its job - help you live longer and healthier!

If you are interested in an extremely detailed guideline on using oxygen therapy specifically for ridding the body of the herpes virus then we highly recommend picking up a copy of Allison Freeman's program, The One Minute Herpes Cure.

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