Oral Sex and Hepres -I Got Genital Herpes From a Guy With Cold Sores

(Greeneville, TN )

My question is:

If I perform unprotected oral sex on my current boyfriend will I spread the virus to his genitals? I am not having an outbreak at this time. Would the use of valtrex, lessen the risk of spreading the disease?

Also, can this type of herpes be spread through anal sex if I am not having an outbreak?

Hi there Miss Tennessee and thank you for submitting your question. I'm positive (pun intended) that they are many of our herpes brothers and sisters in our community that have the same questions and concerns as you. Hopefully, my answers will not only provide you with helpful advice but also help them too. I'll answer it the best way that I can.

First of all I'll assume that you have HSV-1 in the genital area since you stated that you contracted the virus from a boyfriend who had cold sores.

About oral sex transmission: All things are possible although the likelihood of it happening are extremely low (assuming that you don't get cold sores).

About Valtrex: Yes. Valtrex has been shown in numerous studies to lessen the risk of transmission of the virus. If you take Valtrex daily, avoid having sex during an outbreak and use condoms the transmission rates are about 1-3%. Practically the same risk of getting pregnant while using birth control pills.

About Anal Sex Transmission: (Lucky Guy) Yes, the virus can be transmitted during anal sex and you should use the same protection methods as I discussed above.

The important thing to remember is that HSV can be transmitted even without signs and symptoms of an outbreak through viral shedding. Viral shedding occurs more frequently during the first year or two and gradually decreases as time passes.

On the bright side of things, people who have HSV-1 in the genital area tend to have much less severe and less frequent outbreaks. This is because HSV-1's preferred place to live in the body is in the mouth area.

I hope that I've answered your questions.


Please note that the information that I provide is exactly that...information and should not be thought of as medical advice. I'm not a medical doctor and I didn't stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night. Please consult your physician for expert advice.

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Jul 29, 2011
need assistance!
by: Anonymous

i was told by my doctor that i have herpes simplex! i have a red rash spots in my lower and a few spots in my stomach!...i have kidney failure will the valtrex drug make it worse on my kidneys?........

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