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This is my One Minute Herpes Cure review.  I recently read the book titled “One Minute Herpes Cure” written by Allison Freeman. I had been very skeptical about reading this one because I don’t like people marketing their books and products as a herpes cure breakthrough, but so many of my visitors were asking my opinion about the herpes treatment method that Ms. Freeman describes in her book that it was getting embarrassing telling them, "I don't know."

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Our One Minute Herpes Cure Review

Ms. Freeman starts off her book by providing the reader with all the current details and statistics about the herpes simplex virus after which she spends a considerable amount of time discussing how the mainstream medicinal establishment is much more worried about making money than curing their patients.

On that point I believe that many reading this would certainly agree and that she's undoubtedly preaching to the choir!

She likewise makes the point that there have been numerous scientific studies that report many diseases have to have an oxygen deficient natural environment to flourish and survive.

Oxygen Therapy for Curing Herpes

The book describes the significance of the body’s requirement for an adequate supply of oxygen by using the following case in point...

A person might go without food for 2-3 weeks, without drinking water 2-3 days, however without having oxygen you'll die in a few minutes. Of those three things necessary to maintain life an adequate supply of oxygen is easily the most crucial.

Thus Ms. Freeman surmises that sustaining the proper oxygen levels is completely essential to preserving health and well-being and even minor adjustments in oxygen amounts may create an atmosphere in which diseases can survive and expand.

Oxygen treatments are already used and have confirmed the remarkable ability to strengthen the body's defense mechanisms as a result allowing it to cure the illness. However, a number of these approaches require special equipment and training to implement.

Additionally quite a few traditional doctors are not aware of the crucial part that oxygen has in promoting a healthy body or maybe they simply opt to disregard it.

My One Minute Herpes Cure Review further revealed that Allision continues to explain the advantages of a healthy lifestyle.  Later Ms Freeman takes you by the hand and shows you step-by-step her techniques for administering the required oxygen into your blood supply.

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My Shocking Research into Oxygen Therapy for Curing Herpes

I made the decision to carry out my very own research into her techniques and I was amazed to discover that very good clinical research has been completed on the medical uses of oxygen therapy dating back to 1914!

Doctor J.S. Haldone documented in 1919, that oxygen dissolved in the bloodstream might possibly be considered a great way to fight an infection. (Keep in mind that during those times an infection was basically about the one and only thing that doctor’s had. In case you did not get stomped to death by a wild bull, you'd more than likely die from an infection.)

I later discovered that the prevailing professional thoughts and opinions is usually that oxygen therapy to cure diseases provides simply no value. They stated that red blood cells must transfer oxygen for effective oxygen delivery. But on the other hand this is manifestly incorrect. For instance, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, where oxygen is forced into the blood under pressure, is often lifesaving in deadly carbon monoxide poisoning, cyanide poisoning, and smoke inhalation.

Pushing oxygen in to the bloodstream by utilizing pressure is definitely a high-priced business. A hyperbaric oxygen device will cost you about $100,000. The technique that Ms. Freeman identifies in her book costs pennies.

Is This Book A Scam?

All things considered in my One Minute Herpes Cure review, I believe this workbook is not a scam. However the technique is controversial and does seem to be sensible according to my personal investigation of oxygen therapy.

Therefore if you could get oxygen into the bloodstream inexpensively and safely, perhaps the herpes simplex virus (which does not like oxygen), and lots of other horrible diseases can be treated successfully.

In the end, I feel that Allison reveals something special that could possibly be a great treatment option but I'm reluctant to call it a cure. I have not personally tried this treatment for herpes but I do have personal knowledge of a medical professional (A RN at a local Houston Hospital) who is currently experimenting with the procedure.

I feel that the book is definitely worth the price and an interesting read.

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