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I a have been recently diagnose with Herpes Simplex 2. I was in great shock to say the least cause I had not been sexually active for almost two years and just recently began a relationship with someone.

Needless to say I was devastated but I have decided I have no choice but to try to deal with it by educating myself. I have been reading up on the disease and it turns out that it is not a death sentence and what I need to learn to do is to recognize pending outbreaks and suppress them.

I can live a normal life and I thank God for that. I also asked my doctor about whether I would be able to still have a baby and I found out that all of this is possible.

My biggest fear is the stigma surrounding the disease. I have a best friend who is very supportive. The most hurtful thing however is that have just began a relationship with a wonderful guy ,the guy of my dreams lol(not to sound cheesy).

I would hate to think that I have exposed him to this illness. I have encouraged him to visit the doctor to get checked but I haven't really told him for what exactly.

I have decided that as much as I love him and he loves me it would better for us to end the relationship regardless. If he is diagnosed as negative I wouldn't want him to risk it and if it is positive I will feel a great deal of guilt.

Although I intend to go on living and doing all the things I enjoy but as it relates to relationships I think I might be done with them for good.

I feel so happy that I am able to share this with others. Thank you so much for all the information this site provides.

Thank you for submitting your story and the kind words about my website. Sharing a story takes a lot of guts but it is also extremely helpful for others who are struggling coping with a recent diagnosis.

I'm so glad that you have done your research on HSV and found it not to be the death sentence that so many others seem to believe.

However, I feel that your decision to end the relationship with the man of your dreams is completely wrong and somewhat selfish.

A true love connection doesn't come around everyday and I feel that you're letting your fears of being rejected cloud your judgement.

The decision to end the relationship or move forward should be made between the two of you. Although you wouldn't want to risk him catching the virus and you'd feel bad if he did, that's his decision to make...not solely yours. If you're making it your decision then you are depriving him of making up his own mind. You're depriving him of the woman of his dreams.

You're going to have to come to terms with your diagnosis or you're not going to be living the fulfilled life that you deserve. So wouldn't it be easier (and a lot less stressful) to have a partner who knows about your condition and has chosen to be with you during your journey of discovery? Someone who is willing to learn with you? Someone who you trust and love to be there for you when you're confused and feeling alone?

My vote is to tell him and then continue getting to know this wonderful man in your life.

And you know what? If he says that he simply doesn't want to take on that risk, then that's OK too! At least you'll know that he really wasn't the man of your dreams and you can move on.

But if you simply dump him, you'll likely question your decision for a long time because you'll never know if he was the man for you!

Wishing You Success and Happiness!


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