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Lubricating jelly and baking soda

Take lubricating jelly like what doctors use mix with baking soda to form a paste rub on affected area whether its the vagina penis butt or lips its works

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Do I have the virus

15 years ago I had one sore on my bits ... the Dr did not swab but said it looked like herpes ... I have a very small ( top of a pin ) sore patch again

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My story...

Hi. I am a 19 year old girl recently diagnosed with general herpes. I found out not even a week ago, and I have been very paranoid about spreading it to

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CRISPER/ CAS 9 possible cure

Maybe they'll find a cure. The new thing with this virus is Genetic editing which can kill the virus by interfering with its DNA instructions and not affecting

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I caught genital HSV1 from my husband who has cold sores

I caught genital HSV 1 from my husband who has cold sores after six years of marriage and two children. When symtoms initially presented I took an igg

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herpes exposure

is it possible to not to have symptoms of herpes up to a year after exposure?

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Transferring herpes

When sleeping if you have an outbreak in the area on top of clitoris and you want to sleep without underwear when you turn on your side and your thigh

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Herpes IS a big deal

I was diagnosed in April of 2016. It was one of the most traumatic experiences in my life. I had been dating a man that was in his 40s since May of 2015

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Herpes in 2017

I am 19 years old and a student. I am so clean and have never been one to sleep around, and had always used a condom. I have managed to obtain molluscum,

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Unlikely... however NOT impossible

It is possible but unlikely in my own book. If she had herpes type 2 in her face, it would probably be a lot more than just a few cold sores. In general,

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Dating with herpies

I started dating a guy in 2012 . Within 4 months of dating I had a new virus breakout. I confronted the guy. After I knew for sure what it was. We continued

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Thank you

I cannot thank this beautiful lady enough for providing me with hope and courage and respect for myself to live a herpea free healthy life. I have started

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Herpes prevents colds

I've had herpes for years. When I first got it, I noticed I didn't get colds or flu for years. That was not normal. After 30 years and outbreaks about

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Oral simplex 2?

I had protected sex with a female after she said she didn't have any STD's. Later that week she went and got checked for every STD and came back positive

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Herpes 1

It will be 22 years this August 11 2016 That I broke out with HERPES 1.I was 24 years old .I went to doctor August 15 had culture taken called doctor

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