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Dating with herpies

I started dating a guy in 2012 . Within 4 months of dating I had a new virus breakout. I confronted the guy. After I knew for sure what it was. We continued

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Thank you

I cannot thank this beautiful lady enough for providing me with hope and courage and respect for myself to live a herpea free healthy life. I have started

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Herpes prevents colds

I've had herpes for years. When I first got it, I noticed I didn't get colds or flu for years. That was not normal. After 30 years and outbreaks about

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Oral simplex 2?

I had protected sex with a female after she said she didn't have any STD's. Later that week she went and got checked for every STD and came back positive

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Herpes 1

It will be 22 years this August 11 2016 That I broke out with HERPES 1.I was 24 years old .I went to doctor August 15 had culture taken called doctor

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Scrub off the sores after 48 hours or when they are blistery with a brush and Phisohex.

I had this done one time when I saw an add for the cure. It turned out to be a Chiropractor and his female assistant. They told me that they could cure

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I'm 45 and now I Have Herpes

To begin with 2015 was going pretty good for me with a few ups and downs but mostly good. I had a pretty good friend relationship with this girl and

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Cold Sores + Oral Sex = Genital Herpes HSV1

Some people are unaware or in denial that cold sores on a person's lip are caused by Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV1). A herpes blood test will confirm to

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HSV 1 antibodies

If I have Hsv 1 on my mouth, and someone with hsv 1 on their mouth gives me oral sex, can I still get the same strain on my genitals? Also, if someone

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Bump On Inner Thigh - Is it a Herpes Sore or Something Else?

I had a bump in my leg. I took a warm shower & put aloe vera gel on it. The bump decreased in size & formed a white head. I pushed a white stem out & the

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Dealing With A Herpes Diagnoses - I go between all of these phases regularly

It has been 5 years since my diagnosis and just when I think I have reached the acceptance phase, I feel the symptoms of an outbreak. Devastation and

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Feeling Lost With Herpes

I've been living with herpes for the past year I am 26 years old. My boyfriend and I have been off and on for the pass 9 years. We have 3 wonderful children.

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Just stupid

I was just dignosed with my test results! The pain I feel is unbearable because I didn't even have sex with the guy he touched my buttock and I realized

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Diagnosed With Genital Herpes For 5 Years-Still Feeling Devisated

I wish I had found this site 5 years ago when I first learned that I had genital herpes. Get the garbage bucket ready, here is the dump.... When I got

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Still Trying to Cope With HSV-2

In the beginning of October I thought that I might be pregnant so I decided to pay a visit to the OB-GYN for test and a check up. After I arrived and

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