Is it really a cure or a treatment?

After you follow Allison's advice in her book will your test for herpes come back negative? Is thus a treatment or a real cure?

Thank you for taking the time to submit your very good question.

Although I know Allison is very passionate about her treatment method using a type of oxygen therapy, I'm reluctant to call it a cure.

In theory, Allison's method should work because of the science behind it. It's certainly been proven to work on other viruses and conditions and I do know a few people who are currently using her method. They have reported to me that since starting the treatment they have not experienced any outbreaks but to my knowledge they have not been tested to verify their results.

Allison's method is, in my humble opinion, controversial but plausible. My recommendation is if you really want to know, give it a try and then have yourself tested. I'd like to know your results and I'm sure that the readers of this website would love to know too.

But be careful to follow her guidelines very carefully. Any deviation could alter your results.

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Thanks again for the great question and we hope to hear your feedback.

Wishing you success and happiness,


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