Important Lesson About Herpes - Never Say Never

by Tonia
(Tallahassee, Florida, United States)

It is sad to enter into the age of 40 (or actually any age)to find that the person you been with chose to share a little more then wanted or expected. When I was in the relationship with someone for two years and decided to take a break but returned back with getting more then I had asked for.

I had just returned home from a cruise with some friends and got a call of my ex wanting to hang out after six months of being apart. I thought nothing about it and stated we would as friends. The first time was just that but the second time became more then a friendship.

That night when the change occurred, I felt something I had never felt before which was a horrifying experience. Three days later I ended up in the hospital not knowing what was going on to find out my life was changed forever.

I had always heard about Herpes and people would make comments about them (example: just be thankful you didn't get aids or herpes) but never took it serious as I was not one of them. Well, like I said "Never Say Never".

Driving my youngest son to celebrate his birthday when I get a call from the hospital with the results. It was like a Horror Movie come to life. That whole day I felt like my life was at the end and that I could not go on. Felt pity for myself on trusting someone else then taking control of it myself when I had the chance to do so.

Now, I still have my moments as it has only been a year and a half since my life had changed. As I have realized that I can not look back at what has happened, for it is no longer in my control. But I can work on my future and what I still have control over now.

As we all face obstacles and so many life test, we also have to find strength within ourselves to handle them. This is just another one to get thru. Some changes stay with us a short time and some stay with us the rest of our lives. We can make bad results into better results. We can take the good with the bad. We can show that what they have taken away from us has not destroyed us but just changed the path we were living toward at the time. We can show our strength instead of our weakness.

I have been thru some serious hard times in my growing years and this is just another one I have to run with.

It is not an easy one, that is for sure. I have been rejected a few times which puts me back to the drawing board to start again. It hurts and I shed tears, but those tears are only making me stronger and wiser of handling the situation in the best way possible.

I ran into the ex who changed my life as he passed my path of walking. I actually was on a date which the guy I was with had no clue of my situation nor about the guy. So, as we were passing by the ex started laughing. I so wanted to grab the guy I was with and the ex to say "look at this man, as one day I will tell you a story and this is the man I will be speaking about" but then I realized that I am not stooping to his level but rising above it. So, I continued walking and continued to have a great time spending it with someone that makes me laugh and knows how to take care of a person.

Is this the guy that will be in my life forever, I surely can not say. But is this the guy who is showing me happiness, he is and enjoying it to the last drop. I will one day have to come out and tell him the big secret but right now I find that we only have today promised and why not enjoy it without having to ruin it. It is just in the back of my mind that this might not be forever and as all things are never forever anyways. Life is short as years go by quickly, so don't let someone else take what little bit you have. You take it and take 100% control over your own happiness to the best of your knowledge. This is a chance to really dig in deep within yourself, know yourself and love yourself no matter what happens outside in the world today because you will always be you.

Research, research and research some more. There is a reason why there is so much information out there but in one way or another we are blinded till that time comes that we have to know information and no longer wanting to know about it. I hope this helps, as I am still learning about it and still forever living with it.

Thank you for sharing your story of inspiration with our community. I'm certain that it will touch many people and bring strength to lives that seem dark. You have such a gift for writing.

Drop back by soon and keep us updated on your new friend.

To Your Success and Happiness,


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