I'm Confused and Have More Questions About Genital Herpes

Over a year ago I had bumps on my pelvic area and had a test done for HSV. The test came back inconclusive for HSV2 but positive for HSV1.

I have never had a cold sore nor have I come in contact with anyone that has had symptoms of a cold sore.

I have done a lot of research on this topic but am still very confused. The pictures of genital herpes that I have seen look nothing like what I had.

Also the bumps that I had were never sore...they itched a little but that was it. It has been over a year since the bumps went away and still no signs or symptoms of them coming back.

All of the web sites I have viewed tell me different things. I have had almost every thing that can cause an outbreak and yet nothing.

Don't get me wrong I am happy for that, but I am starting to wonder if I had a false positive.

My questions are what are the chances of getting a false positive?

How likely is it that I had one outbreak and it went dormant for over a year?

Should I get re-tested?

Would like your opinion.

Thank you for sharing your questions and trying to learn everything that you can about this very simple yet complex virus. I'm sure that they are many people out there in our community that face the same issues and have the same questions. Hopefully my answers will not only provide you with helpful advice but also the others who may be reading this message.

False Positives: Although they can happen, getting a false positive is rare. A blood test simply checks your blood for HSV antibodies. If a certain amount of antibodies are found then you are considered positive. Your inconclusive HSV2 result was most likely due to the amount of HSV2 antibodies found. Meaning, you had the antibodies but not enough to warrant a positive result. False positive results from a culture tests are extremely rare and almost never occur.

False negatives are much more common for a number of reasons.

Dormant Virus: Yes it is possible for the virus to lay dormant for years. Especially when you have HSV1 in the genital region or oral HSV2. If you are living a reasonably healthy lifestyle (healthy diet and moderate exercise), using antiviral medicines and have a healthy immune system then it is extremely possible to keep the virus trapped within your nervous system for long periods of time. Another factor that plays a role in the number of outbreaks that you have is the amount of time that you have had the virus. The longer the virus has lived in your body the less frequent the outbreaks. Although it's not know exactly why this happens, its believed that your body builds a natural resistance.

Future Tests: As far as being retested, I'd say to have another done. Not to reinforce your positive result but more so to ease your mind. Questioning a diagnosis (either positive or negative) is very stressful. REMEMBER...STRESS IS THE ENEMY in our fight against HSV. If you can gain a better sense of peace then spending the $200 or so is a small investment that will pay you back 10 fold.

Again, Thank you for sharing your questions with our community. Please don't hesitate to ask more. Learning is power!

To Your Success and Happiness!



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