I Thought My Chance for Finding Love Was Over

by L.H.

I was diagnosed with HVS when I was 46....I'm now 48...my bf at the time did NOT tell me that he'd been diagnosed 2 yrs before.

We met on a dating site and it was like we knew each other our whole lives. I had given up on a relationship till my youngest daughter was on her own to begin with and. ..Finally it was my turn to find my soul mate!

The first time we had sex he said. .I don't have a condom...my reply was. ..I don't either but I can't get pregnant and I don't have any diseases, do you? And he replied NO so we had unprotected sex.

Trying to make this long story short...he moved in with me almost immediately and about 10 months into the relationship he'd left his Facebook page open..thought I'd be funny and hack it writing something about how incredible I was. Then I saw he had a private message from another lady from 2009...I was curious and started to read them...to my horror they were discussing how both of them had been diagnosed with Genital Herpes!

I confronted him and he denied everything until I showed him the messages I had printed from his Facebook. I got tested and was completely devastated to find I was positive!

I had several relationships and had managed to be clean all this time! He apologized and began drinking every day and got physical with me 2 months later and I spiraled into an even deeper depression...even seriously contemplated just ending my life!

I took him back twice after that incidence of violence until the next incidence of violence because I thought NO one else would ever want me!

And all I've ever wanted was to find my soul mate.

After being single again and finding this amazing site just recently, I've met someone that I really have clicked with. He will be the first person I will have to tell about my situation and I am scared to death!

But this site and all the positive stories have given me more hope for a truly satisfying, loving and honest relationship and has helped me slow down and really take my time in finding someone worthy of my time!

My only worries now are when to tell him? We are both getting emotionally invested after hours of emailing, texts, phone calls and dates. Any advice? I am going to purchase Having The Talk which I pray will help because I am truly scared about the conversation we have to have.

But either way I do finally have hope.

Thank you so much for providing all the info and support on your website. I'm forever grateful!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with all of our community. I'm sure that you to have touched many lives.

I'm sure that you will experience a lot of success because you have the right mindset...HOPE!

If you ever need any help along the way, I'm only an email away!

Wishing You Success and Happiness!


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