I Think I Have Herpes - I'm Miserable

(Simpsonville , SC)

On Sunday March 24, 2014 I noticed that bumps started to appear near my anus and shortly after noticed one on my labia and as you can imagine, I'm freaking out at this point.

As the days go by it's getting harder and harder for me too walk, sit on my butt or even urinate.

So I started to research some things and I instantly started to think that I have herpes.

I have found myself crying and crying thinking my life is over . In college I admit I had a couple partners but only 2 or 3 went in without a condom. Last week I just had sex and I totally regret it cause I guess that is what flared it up these bumps. BIG MISTAKE .

I'm only 20 and my life is pretty much is planned out for me. I'm scared and I simply don't know what too do anymore. How do I tell my partner about this? How do I stop these painful outbreaks?

Thank you for sharing your story with our community. Trust me when I say this, you are not alone and I'm sure that they're many people (some much younger than you) who are going through similar experiences.

First of all I understand you're concerns. Thinking that you might have an incurable sexually transmitted disease can be overwhelming and devastating. But there is one important element to your situation that you need to focus on right now. And that's the absolute need to know for sure! Until you get examined and tested by a medical professional, you're stressing yourself out for nothing.

I understand that in today's world of easy access to information on the internet it's tempting to try and self diagnose your ailment. But you must also understand that the information that you read must be used only as a guide. A tool to help and not a tool to self diagnose. And this is especially true with HSV.

The reason is that HSV is extremely individualize. It affects nearly everyone differently and although you'll find the most common symptoms and signs of herpes always keep things in their proper perspective.

I want to put your situation into it's proper perspective...

First of all, you never mentioned that you were officially diagnosed so I'll assume that you have done some research and self diagnosed your condition. With this being said, did you know that during a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, about 25% of medical professionals Misdiagnosed a herpes outbreak simply by looking at the outbreak and noting the patient's symptoms?

So, if as many as 25% of trained medical professionals who see many genital herpes outbreaks each week can misdiagnose a herpes condition without a test to confirm, then how likely is it that you are correct simply by looking at a few pictures and reading about genital herpes on the internet?

My advice to you from this point on is to immediately stop having sex with your partner and get yourself tested immediately!

The type of test will greatly depend on what stage your outbreak is at the time of the test. If it has completely healed then you will most likely have to have a blood test for herpes. However, if you are experiencing an active outbreak where the blisters are visible and not healing then you'll likely have a viral culture test.

The good news is that both tests are accurate and you can have your results back in about a week or less depending on the lab.

So there you have it. Stop having sex just in case you do have genital herpes and get tested.

If it turns out that you do have herpes then by all means come back and post more questions and concerns. Don't worry, we'll get you through this.

Wishing You Success and Happiness


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