I caught genital HSV1 from my husband who has cold sores

by Lana

I caught genital HSV 1 from my husband who has cold sores after six years of marriage and two children. When symtoms initially presented I took an igg blood test for type 1 and 2. The test came up negative, but the doctor also did a viral swab of my lesions which came up positive for HSV 1. I have only been with My husband that entire time we've been married and no one else. He is claiming the same. I cried and cried, to receive this diagnosis at 40 was more than I could bear. I never let my husband do oral becuz he had cold sores. Than on one drunken night, he was pushy about it and I gave in. About a week later I had symptoms. I was so angry at him for not protecting me from this. He kept telling me I couldn't get it because he didn't have a cold sore and this is simply not true. He always makes me be the grown up and put the brakes on bad ideas. I failed once and now must live with this forever.

I've known for a week now now and I cry everyday. I'm starting to feel like dealing with my daily responsibilities is more than I can bear. I don't really know if I'm ever going to feel okay again. I hope this will get easier. I want to be there for my kids emotionally and keep them HSV free, but if my life feels unbearable, how can I do this? Does anyone have any good information about keeping your home clean so the kids don't get it? My four year old likes to sleep in our bed and I don't think I want her in it. Also, my lesions have just barely healed and my husband is already trying to have sex with a condom. I don't feel sexual at all at this point and feel too depressed to have sex. I tell him I think we should wait longer. But he is still trying. I don't want to pass this to him. Do female condoms offer more protection than male condoms. Please if anyone has any information on how to keep the family safe. Please let me know. Also,does anyone know how long the depression and thinking about it all the time lasts when does the initial shock of this ease up?

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