HPV and Herpes

(Phoenix, AZ)

Hi, I went to my doctor about 2 months ago to get my IUD replaced and was informed that I had HPV. He for some reason thought I was already aware that I had Herpes as well. I have had it for 9 years and never knew it. I never had an outbreak or anything. I am completely in the dark on these std's. Is there any free information that I can get?

Thank you for submitting your question and having the courage share it with our community.

Listen, you're already taking the first steps by reading this website. It's filled with great information. It's also my own personal favor to answer any questions that you have.

However, your question has sparked my curiosity though. I know very little about HPV. In fact, the only thing that I know about it is that it is the virus that causes genital warts. So with that being said, how did your doctor's visiting go from replacing a IUD to a complete diagnosis of HPV and HSV? This really doesn't make a lot of sense to me unless you had visual signs of each virus. Meaning that you had genital warts and were experiencing a HSV outbreak (which you said that you've never had).

Also, how can you pinpoint the length of time that you've had HSV (or HPV for that matter) if you never knew that you had it to begin with?

I'm not questioning your sincerity. Just wandering.

Wishing you success and happiness


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Jan 22, 2012
My response to Ed
by: Anonymous

I was incarcerated for 4 years and a abnormal test result never came back and with all the other paps that i had. My doctor had the result from a pap that I had done when I was pregnant with my daughter and found clamedia. I have informed the guys that I have been with and they are negative. My doctor told me I had a rare case because I did not have a break out. We did a pap for a check on my previous IUD and he also ran some tests as I was due for my yearly pap anyway. He told me that clamedia and HSV go hand in hand and as for the HPV that is something that came back as positive as well with my last pap.

Thank you for your response but I'm having serious doubts that you have been properly diagnosed. I'd suggest that you seek a second opinion. PAP's are not a reliable way of diagnosing HSV. And Clamedia and HSV are worlds apart and neither resemble each other...at all!

Get yourself another doctor who will administer a blood test for HSV. Remember that you have to ask of it specifically. Otherwise you'll end up with the wrong test.

Good luck to you.

Wishing you success and happiness.


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