How to Treat Herpes

Many people want to know how to treat herpes.  With so many treatment options available finding the best method can be confusing to say the least.  What treatment option that works for one person may have totally different effects for another.

But before you decide on the proper way of how to treat herpes that's right for you, you must first take a close look at what benefits you want to gain from as a result of the treatment.  What I mean by this is you first have to determine why you want to treat the virus in the first place. 

  • Do you experience severe pain? 
  • Are you have too many outbreaks? 
  • Are your outbreaks lasting more than 10 days? 
  • Are you wanting to control your outbreaks naturally without the use of antiviral medications?  
  • Or are you simply wanting to find a few home remedies that will treat the effects of your outbreaks?

How to Treat Herpes  - Using Antiviral Medications

Antiviral medications are the most popular way that I know of on how to treat herpes and also the most effective way of treating herpes outbreaks.  Many doctors will prescribe these medications after you've been diagnosed as a way of treating your current outbreak.  Prescription amounts and dosages will vary depending on several variables such as the severity of the pain you're experiencing.  Often your pain threshold is the only variable that your doctor has to make the determination because newly diagnosed patients don't have a history of outbreak severity to provide to their doctors.

So it will take several months or even years to dial in the correct dosage that works best.  There are guidelines that doctors use but sometimes they can also get it wrong too.  I met a lady recently who was diagnosed with genital herpes about two months earlier.  She said that her doctor instructed her to take one 1000 mg Valtrex twice a day for 30 days.  That means that she was instructed to take 2000 mg of Valtrex...per day! I though this was a totally outrageous prescription.

Later on in the conversation, she also stated that after a couple of days of taking this ridiculous amount of Valtrex for a genital herpes outbreak, she began to feel the ill effects of taking Valtrex.  Eventually the side effects were much worse than the effects of her outbreaks so she just stopped.

How to Use Antiviral Medications to Effectively Treat Herpes

There are a couple of different ways of using antiviral medications to treat herpes outbreaks.  The first is to control the pain, severity and duration of an outbreak.  Once you begin to experience an outbreak you should immediately begin taking antivirals.  The earlier you can begin taking it the faster it begins to work.  If you can catch it soon enough, the medication will greatly reduce the pain by as much as 80%.  The severity is lessened greatly and the duration of the outbreaks are reduced by about 30-50%.

When I was using Valtrex in this way, my pain was barely noticeable and my outbreaks were reduced from about 10-12 days down to 5-6 days.  

I can't believe that I was so stubborn not to use antivirals the first couple of years after my diagnosis.

Another way that you can use antiviral medication is to use it as suppressant therapy.  What this means is that you will take a lesser dose (about 500 mg of Valtrex) every day.   The benefit of taking antiviral medication every day is that the medication is continuously suppressing the virus and keeping it from making it's way to the surface of the skin and causing an outbreak. 

I was perfectly fine with only using antiviral medication to treat my outbreaks as they occurred but when I started dating a woman who was negative for the virus, I felt compelled to begin suppressive therapy not only to reduce the number of my outbreaks but to also provide an added layer of protection for her.

There are studies that show that taking 500mg of Valtrex daily can reduce viral shedding significantly.  And if I'm going to be having sex with a person who does not have herpes then I feel that I should do whatever I can to prevent her from getting it.

As with any herpes treatment there are conflicting opinions.  I had a doctor tell me that he would not prescribe Valtrex for suppressive therapy for more than two years because he had read studies that showed that people's bodies can actually build up a resistance to the antivirals and render them useless.

How to Treat Herpes - Making a Case For All Natural Treatments

As ugly as genital herpes seems to be there is good news.  It's one of most easiest diseases to treat naturally and really there is no need for most people to use antiviral drugs.  And I happen to fall into that category of people who currently treats my outbreaks naturally and through a solid holistic approach.

Over the past decade or so, many more people have been turning to all natural remedies for treating herpes and many other common ailments. Natural herpes treatments are also known as home remedies, and some people even refer them to Folk medicine.

For most of the people who are turning to natural treatments, the need has arisen from the possible unhealthy side effects that most prescription and over-the-counter medicines can pose in the body.  One of the problems with antiviral medications used to treat herpes is that the majority of the drugs haven't been around long enough to see what side effects they have on someone over long term use. 

What are the benefits of using natural remedies for treating herpes? 

Other than the fact that all natural treatments for herpes pose very few side effects, most can be found in your kitchen or super they are a lot less expensive than traditional medications.

All natural treatments usually consist of herbs, veggies, fruits and an assortment of supplements that are readily available in most cities and small towns.

Do Natural Treatments For Herpes Work?

Well if you think about it...natural treatments have been around for centuries and was the only way that people had to combat illnesses before the invention of modern medicine and the introduction of synthetic drugs.  So when you think about it in those terms, the answer would be YES...they do work.

There have been many studies and research done on natural plants, foods and supplements that have antiviral properties that work in much the same way as synthetic antiviral drugs do.

But as the same principles apply to natural treatments as they do to prescription medications for herpes.  The effectiveness varies from person to person. 

For a proven complete step-by-step treatment plan on how to treat herpes naturally, I can't recommend the book, The Herpes Antidote enough.  Natalie Foy gave me my inspiration for turning to all natural treatment and I'm sure that she can help you too.  See my review of the book here

If you want to know more about how to treat herpes by applying holistic principles to being more healthy and living a fulfilling life then great book that I highly recommend is, Making Peace with Herpes: A Holistic Guide to Overcoming the Stigma and Freeing Yourself from Outbreaks by Christopher Scipio.  You can find his book in most bookstores or at Amazon.  Pick it's super inspirational and insightful.

Making Peace with Herpes: A Holistic Guide to Overcoming the Stigma and Freeing Yourself from Outbreaks

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