Herpes Psychological Effects

For many people the genital herpes psychological effects are often worse than the physical discomforts of having the virus. This is especially true when a person is first diagnosed. The social stigma that’s associated with genital herpes has lead everyone of us through our own personal hell in some way. Whether it’s the feelings of helplessness because there isn’t a cure or the feelings of embarrassment when going to the doctor for treatment; or visiting our local pharmacy to have our prescriptions filled; or the emotional pain of feeling rejected. We all have our own emotional issues because of genital herpes.

When we are first diagnosed we often have many different and often confusing emotions. For many people, coping with herpes results in feelings of depression and anxiety because they are scared of future outbreaks, telling their partners and transmitting genital herpes to others.

In a recent study of 3000 participants who admitted having genital herpes, the majority reported that they were depressed when first diagnosed. Other feelings included anger, fear of rejection and loneliness.

Genital Herpes Psychological Effects are Powerful

The herpes psychological effects are so powerful that they cause us to do things that we would never have done if we had not been diagnosed with this condition.

We tend to shy away from having romantic relationships with those who don’t have genital herpes. This can have it’s benefits and it’s disadvantages.

We tend to stay in dead-end or unhealthy relationships for fear of being rejected by others who don’t have herpes.

We tend to be embarrassed to talk about it even to our closest friends and family. For many people the feelings of embarrassment is a very powerful herpes psychological effect of genital herpes that they don’t seek out and get the treatment, diagnosis and medications that they deserve.

It is very important to your herpes psychological and emotional health to talk about genital herpes. You must realize that you don’t have to go through this alone. If speaking with your family and close friends feels too uncomfortable for you then you should consider discussing this with:

  • Your health care provider
  • Counselors
  • Join a support group
  • You can always speak about it here on this site. We offer several avenues for you to share your feelings.

Many people find sharing their feelings and what they have learned on anonymous internet forums to be very beneficial and therapeutic. Just knowing that they can reveal their condition without having to experience humiliation is the first step to a healthy herpes psychological state of being.

Everybody is different and each of us has to discover our own way of coping with genital herpes. The way you deal with it may be different that me so it’s important to discuss and research the advice that you receive from other people.

The sole purpose of building this website is to help guide you through the herpes emotional and psychological maze and to help you to mange this aspect of living and coping with genital herpes. To help you learn from my experiences and of others who have learned to put aside the social stigma and accept genital herpes as nothing more than an irritating skin rash.

Summing Up Genital Herpes Psychological and Emotional Effects

To sum all of this up, the first step in mentally coping with genital herpes is to get educated and informed about the condition. Please know that you and I have genital herpes but our lives are far from over. In fact it can be a new beginning. With the right mindset and the right information, you can control the herpes psychological and emotional effects and stop letting it control you.

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