Herpes prevents colds

by Greg Harms
(Gallatin, Tn)

I've had herpes for years. When I first got it, I noticed I didn't get colds or flu for years. That was not normal. After 30 years and outbreaks about every 2 years, I get a cold occassionally, but my theory is that when my body is fighting the herpes virus, it is also fighting the cold and flu viruses. Is this just coincidence or has anyone else noticed this?

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Mar 17, 2017
I think you are right NEW
by: Pete

I think you are right. I contracted HSV 2, years ago. Then my immune system suppressed it so my symptoms were very rare and not bothersome.
Real problems started when the virus spread to my face (yes! It can spread and I wish the doctors had told me to be careful but none of them did :(

So now I'm stuck with this in my mouth, in my face, on my chest, etc... it's some kind of cross contamination phenomenon called (auto-innoculation).

In any event, this is true that since it spread to my face, I only had one cold in the last 3 years. It was actually influenza. But other than that, I didn't have any other kind of sneezes or anything else.

So I think your theory is valid and I had noticed that myself. However, for this to happen, a patient would need to sleep a lot in order to keep their immune system up and running up to par.

And that's exactly what the virus does when it's active. Makes you tired, probably so the body can fight the infection.
Since it spread to my face, I now sleep in average 20% to 30% more than what I used to do. This is not negligeable.

Jan 06, 2017

by: Ed

It might be a coincidence because I have a cold now and have at least 2 a year. However mine could be sinus infections posing as colds. The older that I get the more that I tend to have.

You've brought up an interesting theory though. It will be interesting to see other comments.


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