Herpes on other parts of your body

If my partner has genital herpes, can I get herpes on other parts of my body from him?

Thank you for submitting your question. Although your question seems to be straightforward, the answer does depend on your idea of "other body parts". Genital and oral herpes outbreaks can occur anywhere on the body within their respective regions.

For example, the region for genital herpes is from the waist to the knees (also known as the boxer short area) and an outbreak can occur anywhere within that region. They tend to appear within the same area. Lets say that right now your BF has outbreaks on the shaft of his penis. He will more than likely not have an outbreak on his buttocks.

The same is true for oral herpes where the region is the mouth, face and neck.

Other parts of your body can have herpes outbreaks that are outside of the two regions however these are not likely to be caused by the same virus as your partner's.

You should conduct more research on the topic to confirm.

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Apr 14, 2014
Question About HSV 1
by: Anonymous

What about symptoms for HSV 1. How can you tell what are the symptoms that you can point out and can it happen over night?

Cause I have a pimple on my lip it does not hurt nor burn or itch and it popped up over night and popped by itself. What does that mean? Please give me an answer.

The symptoms of HSV-1 or cold sores are basically the same as genital herpes or HSV-2 with the exception of where the signs and symptoms on the body.

Many people who suffer with cold sores tell me that they too experience flu-like symptoms, fatigue, headaches, etc just before an outbreak occurs.

Although cold sore blisters appear to be somewhat larger than genital herpes blisters their properties are the same. Such things as localized pain, swelling and clear fluid are all the same as those of genital herpes.

Please note that I am not a doctor and people who suspect that they have any form of the herpes virus should get tested as soon as possible but I gut is telling me that you probably only have a pimple otherwise you would have experienced the symptoms I mentioned.

May Peace Be With You...and Get Tested!


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