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Herpes News Stories - Everyday we hear about new treatments for herpes. Everything those handy blister zappers to home remedies to new herbs and supplements that show promising results during clinical trails.

Other worthy news stories about herpes include celebrities and law suits.

The medical community is also continuously making the news with stories about new drugs and ways of preventing transmission.

This stuff can get really exciting!

If we hear about it...we'll post it!

Not only do we provide the latest genital herpes information and news – we review it and provide commentary to help you understand everything that you’ve read. We make it easy for YOU to contribute news and information too!

Unlike most services we make it easy by breaking down the news stories by different herpes related topics:

Genital Herpes Research News and Information

Cold Sore Research News and Information

If you have news that you'd like to share, just look below the "Latest News" section and you'll see a news input form that you can use to send us your news information. Just below that you'll see a list on contributions provided by other visitors, as well as key stories that we've chosen to highlight for you. In order to get more details and comment on any of those items, just click on the title.


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Do you know any news related to herpes that you think should be shared but isn't here yet? This is where you can submit information about it.

We'll add any news you let us know about and also provide a spot for other visitors to comment on it as well.

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