Herpes FAQ:
Frequently Asked Question and Answers About Genital Herpes

The Herpes FAQ page was created because many I was receiving a lot of questions about different aspects of both genital herpes and oral herpes so I decided to create a page dedicated to the most frequently asked questionso people can find answers quickly and easily.

This page is also interactive where questions that are not featured can be posted by you.

Additionally, if anyone can provide answers to any of the questions listed here, you can post them too!

So if there are any other people who has genital herpes out there you have an opportunity to share your wisdom and experiences with our fellow genital herpes brothers and sisters!

We all...including me...need a little help looking for answers to herpes FAQ questions we may not have been able to find anywhere else.

Below is the Genital Herpes FAQ list of questions and answers you'll find a simple and easy form where you can post your question AND answers.

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Common Herpes FAQ

Q: How common is genital herpes?

A: Genital herpes is very common! It is estimated that 45 million people in the United States alone have it. That equals out to be about 1 in 5 men and 1 in 4 women.

Q: What are the symptoms of Genital Herpes?

A: Genital herpes symptoms vary depending on several factors but the most common are blisters and/or open sores in the genital region. Symptoms often occur before the blisters appear. Common warning signs are headaches, low-grade fever, flu-like symptoms such as joint pain. See genital herpes symptoms.

Q:I think I may have genital herpes, what should I do?

A: The first thing to do is examine yourself carefully and see if you have tiny blisters that appear. If so, stop having sex and see your doctor immediately for a herpes viral culture test. If you’re not experiencing blisters but still think you may have herpes then stop having sex and ask your doctor for a herpes blood test.

Q: What are the chances of having a false positive genital herpes test?

A: If you get a positive test result, you've either had herpes, or you have a false positive test. Viral culture tests are very accurate if you have one done if you have an active herpes blister or sore. Blood tests can be done to check for infection-fighting proteins (antibodies) that are produced by your immune system when you are infected with HSV. A variety of genital herpes blood tests are available, and each type has a different rate of false positive results.

Q: Is lysine for genital herpes an effective treatment?

A: Studies have shown that consuming lysine in the correct dosage can slow down and inhibit the growth of the herpes simplex virus. Herpes outbreaks tend to be less severe and happen less often.

Q: Could I have genital herpes and not know it?

A: Yes. There are estimates that 90% or more of the people who have genital herpes do not know it. This is because the herpes virus effects people in different way and many times they either don’t have any symptoms or they mistake their symptoms for other skin conditions such as an ingrown hair, rash or pimple. Click here for more genital herpes facts.

Q: What are my chances of being rejected because I have genital herpes?

A: Good question! It depends strongly on your attitude towards the virus. If you expect to be rejected then you probably will. I get rejected more for my big nose than I do for herpes! I’ve never been rejected and I never tell someone with the preconceived notion that I will be rejected. In fact I’ve TRIED to be rejected a number of times using herpes as an excuse for not dating a person who has asked me out. To me genital herpes is an irritating skin condition that causes me some pain and keeps me from having sex a few weeks a year. I don’t make it into something that it’s not! It doesn’t change the fact that I’m a unique person who has many wonderful things to offer someone special. Accept the fact that herpes is a forever part of your body. No more or no less than all of your other forever body parts such as your eyes, ears, and even your big nose!

Q: I was just diagnosed with HSV-2 is life as I know it over?

A: Yes! Your old life is over! Now it’s time for a new and exciting life! For me being diagnosed with genital herpes has been a BLESSING. It forced me to take care of my body. It’s forced me to pay attention to what my body tells me. I’m very much aware of how my body is supposed to feel and function. I’ve learned to appreciate the “real” pleasures that my partner brings into my life and what I add to hers.

Q: Can you get genital herpes from a toilet seat?

A: I doubt it very seriously. The conditions would have to be perfectly right and donkeys would learn to fly before getting genital herpes from a toilet seat. It’s very rare to get genital herpes from any other way than sexual contact. The herpes simplex cannot survive for very long outside of the body.

Q: What can I do to help my partner who has genital herpes?

A. First of all, if you sense that your partner needs help then he/she is probably not coping well with having the virus. Understand that the social stigma associated with genital herpes is often worse than the virus so you may want to encourage him/her to join a support group and show him/her this site! Couple’s therapy may be an option if genital herpes is causing problems in your relationship.

Q:  Can you get genital herpes from common pools or Jacuzzi?

A: It is very unlikely to get HSV from a pool or Jacuzzi. HSV can only live for a very short amount of time outside of the body and is typically only transmitted through skin-to-skin contact.

Q:  Would having mouth cold sores cause a positive HSV-1 blood test?

A:  Mouth cold sores are HSV-1.  So yes, you'd get a positive result from a blood test.

Q:  If my partner has genital herpes, can I get herpes on other parts of my body?

A:  Although the answer to this question may seem to be straightforward, the answer depends on your idea of "other body parts".  Genital and oral herpes outbreaks can occur anywhere on the body within their respective regions. 

Genital herpes outbreaks can happen on any park of the body between the waist and the knees.  Oral herpes outbreaks can happen anywhere within the mouth and face area. 

Outbreaks can occur on other parts of the body but it's likely that another strain of the herpes virus may be responsible.

Q:  What is the time frame of an initial outbreak from the time that you first became infected?

A:  Typically, an initial outbreak will occur between 7 to 21 days after becoming infected.  Please note that if a person has a strong immune system and is great at managing stress it could take much longer before an initial outbreak occurs.  Additionally, the same person could only experience could only experience a mild outbreak and easily mistake it for something else like a heat rash or ingrown hair.

Q:  Can you donate blood now that you have herpes?

A:  Yes!  The herpes simplex virus lives in the nerves and does not affect your blood.

Q;  How do you know when you are no longer contagious after an outbreak?

A:  The general rule is that you are no longer contagious when the sores are completely healed and no scabs are visible.  But please keep in mind that you can spread the herpes virus when there are no visible signs or symptoms through viral shedding.  Please see my page on transmitting herpes and the herpes transmission rates for more information.

If you have a question for the herpes FAQ page, please just the form below to submit it.  I generally answer questions in the mornings.  If your question is approved, then look for it to appear below the herpes FAQ content soon afterwards.

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