Genital Herpes Treatments That Work!

There are many genital herpes treatments available to people who have the herpes virus. Generally speaking genital herpes does not pose any long-term complications and if someone begins using an appropriate treatment regime, the severity and number of outbreaks can be greatly reduced.

Traditional and Holistic Treatments

Genital herpes is very common and there are very effective treatments available that are both traditional and Holistic or all natural. Conventional and all natural herpes treatment methods offer benefits that are helpful to the majority of people who are living with HSV2.

There are even a lot of home remedies available too!

Another treatment option is to do nothing. Some people simply don’t want to try any treatments because the virus poses no real problems for them. Their outbreaks are mild and infrequent and treating it provides no substantial benefits for their efforts.

Don't Be Discouraged

HSV1 and HSV2 affects everybody differently so don’t be discouraged if you try a treatment plan and they don’t provide you with the results or promises that you anticipated. Just be patient and experiment with different treatments until you find one that works for you and your situation. Or simply don’t use any treatments…’s your choice.

During your search you’ll likely be overwhelmed with all of your options that you’ll find on the Internet. There are many good alternative products out there but beware of any that claim to cure genital herpes. Legitimate companies and products will not make this outrageous claim.

However, products that claim to help lessen the severity of an outbreak or lessen the number of outbreak reoccurrences should be explored with proper research and/or recommendations from reputable sources.

Please know that you can live relatively free of HSV outbreaks and control the virus instead of it controlling you. There is so much misinformation about the virus that it often leads people away from the genital herpes treatments that they need and deserve.

Trusted Genital Herpes Treatments Options

Listed below are the most common, effective and reputable genital herpes treatment options available:

Genital Herpes Medications

Genital Herpes Home Remedies

Genital Herpes Herbal Treatments

The Herpes Diet

Learn How Taking Lysine Can Help Reduce Outbreaks

Epsom Salt Baths for Herpes Outbreak Relief

Discover the Benefits of Using Oxygen Therapy to Control Outbreaks

A Personal Message:

A Personal Message

A personal message from the founder of Living With Genital

My primary goal in building “Living With Genital Herpes” was to create a site that is helpful and beneficial for those of us infected with genital herpes. A lot of us (Me included) were betrayed by our partners for not telling us that they had this virus so ripping off my fellow HSV2 brothers and sisters by recommending products that can’t produce proven results is another betrayal that we all can live without. I have personally used or have first-hand personal knowledge of every product, ebook, traditional book, testing site, and home remedy mentioned on

Living With Genital Herpes . If you have heard or read about a particular product, treatment, or remedy that’s not listed here then it’s because I have not personally tried it or have no first-hand knowledge.

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