Genital Herpes Really Isn't That Bad.

by -L

I never imagined that given how incredibly angry and scared I was when I first found out I had contracted this virus that I would be so forgetful at times that I even have it now.

I waited until I was 22 to have sex, and it was with someone I Loved and trusted (I know, kind of sappy). He had been tested and given the 'all clear' but little did I know at the time that that didn't mean "all clean." He didn't know (or so he claims) that he had the virus but it didn't take long for it to turn into the most horrible experience of my life going through that initial outbreak.

As promised the subsequent outbreaks didn't hold a candle to that first time and thank goodness because I thought to myself that I really didn't want to go through life like this if it were going to be a cycle of experiences like that.

I found that my outbreaks were more frequent at first than I had been told to expect but I have since discovered that what makes me break out is stress but not everyday stress like bills and assignments, no, the only stress that made me get an outbreak was the stress a gal gets when they think a guy might not be into her. And if you have this virus you'll know that initially that thought is somewhat forefront in the mind.

After my first couple of nightmare dating experiences (after breaking up with the guy that donated his virus) I thought I was sentenced to only dating guys with this thing as well. I can tell you right now after looking at those websites that I just couldn't stomach the idea that I would have to narrow my field of options down like that and I can tell you that you don't have to either. Yes I have had some really bad apples that say all the wrong things and make you feel like you are tainted goods, but those guys are just @$$-holes so don't even give them the satisfaction of mourning the loss of the relationship. When you find the right guy you won't have to worry because nothing is going to change the way they look at you, and it really is no big deal because after you find out what triggers your outbreaks and if you can avoid that as much as possible, you will eventually get to a point like me where you forget that you even have a virus let alone remember when the last time you had an outbreak was.

I am not saying this what anyone should do (because believe me I am an advocate for safe sex) but I do have unprotected sex with my partner, and he does not have herpes nor has he contracted it from me. We will be starting a family soon and I am not getting semen injected into me by some needle so this was bound to happen sooner or later (of course he opted for sooner - surprise surprise)!

I have had a guy tell me he couldn't look at me anymore when I told him.. WOW! And I know it's hard to tell someone about it so early on when you don't want to hold back on the physical side of a relationship but even though I was scared to tell my guy that I am with now because the relationship was so new at the time, I knew he'd respect me for bringing it to his attention before I put him at risk. That other guy was just a shallow s.o.b. and I know that if I hadn't had herpes, I wouldn't have wanted to be with him anyways but it would have taken me longer to see. So just remember, this virus can help to fast-track the screening process of suitable guys in the world ;)

Thank you for sharing your inspiring story with all of our other herpes brothers and sisters! There's not much to add here, but you are exactly right! Use this virus to your advantage. Why limit yourself? Go get the life that you want! The man or woman that you want! Herpes is nothing in the grand scheme of life. It's just a speed bump that 50 million people cross.

Thanks again for sharing! I'm sure your story will impact many lives!


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