Genital Herpes and Birth Control

It would be nice for women to know facts about genital herpes and birth control methods. I searched the internet for hours, and there is no information from credible sources. Do hormonal methods of birth control affects the frequency of outbreaks? Is it safe to have an IUD with genital herpes? If there is a sources to get those answers, that would be great. The only response I got from my doctor is "you'll be fine", but I would really like to have more information since I've heard many women struggle with more frequent outbreaks with different birth control methods. Thank you.

Thank you for your very good question! The herpes simplex virus is a very "individualized" virus. This simply means that it affects nearly everyone differently. Just because someone experiences more frequent outbreaks doing one thing or another doesn't necessarily mean that it will affect you in the same way.

Keep in mind that the herpes battle is between the virus and a person's immune system. So anything that can stress your body and weaken your immune system can cause more outbreaks. But this certainly doesn't mean that you will suffer more given the same circumstances.

My personal opinion is that hormonal methods of birth control will increase outbreaks ONLY in women who had problems with these types of birth control methods before being diagnosed with herpes.

But the opposite could also be true too! For those women who use hormonal birth control methods to help regulate and lessen the adverse affects of their periods(cramping, excessive bleeding), it could also help reduce their outbreaks because it helps reduce the stress that a woman's body endures during that time of the month.

The bottom line or rule of thumb is if something places additional stress on the body you will risk additional outbreaks. If something helps lessens the stress placed on the body then it will help lessen the number of outbreaks.

I hope this helps! Thanks for the great question!

Let me know if I can provide any additional help!


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