Found Out Today That I Have Genital Herpes

by Smartgal65
(Decatur, IL)

I got a call from my doctor today to give the bad news, I have genital herpes.

I had gone to the doctor about three weeks ago because of pain and a sore. A culture was done and tested. I spent a week calling everyday to find out. I was relieved when they said the test was negative, but I should come in for a blood test.

I have already called the person and told them I was negitive. Now I get a call today saying the blood results show I'm positive. I am so mad at myself and now my happiness from thinking my results were negative is gone.

I feel really horrible and now I have to call the guy back and tell him the bad news. I don't even know if I had it or got it from him. The doctor said I wouldn't ever know so that's the part that is killing me. I thought I was being so careful.

I'm hoping I can start to feel better soon. All I'm thinking is how can I ever have a great relationship with genital herpes? How do I tell someone that I have genital herpes? I don't think I want to do that so I might just be lonely. I don't even know if I can tell my friends and family. They see me as so careful and smart. What will they think now?

Like I said, I hope I will feel better soon. I hope I can find somebody who will accept me and understand my situation.

I know you seem like you will never get over it, and you feel so ashamed of what you did. But there is really nothing you can do about it. It happens to a lot of people. There are doctors out there, that say having herpes is better then contracting some other form of a disease. You won't die from it, that's the plus side. Im not going to say you won't stop thinking about it, but soon it will just been a little blip in your mind from time to time.

Herpes dating is going to be hard at first. There are many shallow minded people out there that don't want anything to do with us because of herpes. They are not scared of you, they are scared of genital herpes.

To your success and happiness!


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