Faithfully Infected With Genital Herpes

by FF

I've been with my girlfriend (I am male, btw) for a year now. I've been solid the whole way, and I whole heartedly believe she has been faithful as well. Starting about two weeks ago I started getting symptoms listed here and on many other sites that lead me to believe that I'm getting my first breakout.

If 90% of people with herpes don't know is it possible that she has just never shown symptoms (as apparently some don't) and I could have contracted it from her?

Or, is it possible that I've had it for a long while and it has simply been lying dormant?

Mind you, I've yet to be diagnosed but given all I've read I do believe I've got the virus.

Thanks for submitting your question. First of all don't assume that you have been infected. Self diagnosing a herpes condition is not reliable at all. Even experienced and professionally trained medical doctors misdiagnose herpes about 25% of the time without confirming with a test method (blood or culture).

But to answer your questions, yes both of you could have had the virus for years and didn't know it. Now this could have been because of several reasons such as lack of knowledge or from having a strong immune system but nevertheless.

If you are concerned that you are experiencing herpes symptoms then you should tell your girlfriend and stop having sex immediately. The next thing you should do is get tested. Unless you have an active outbreak a blood test will be the only way to put your mind at ease.

Personally, I feel that the majority of people who are questioning whether or not they have herpes (especially if they are involved in a relationship) are harboring another issue such as infidelity. Your question began with a statement about your faithfulness and your belief about hers.

Anyway, I wish you all the best and I hope that your test results are negative. If not, then please take comfort knowing that there are many people who are infected (me included) and that you are not alone. Information is powerful and the more that you know about it the more that you can control it. Come back to this site often and sign up for my monthly ezine and receive more information and my personal tips.


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