Diagnosing Genital Herpes
Why Is It Important?

Diagnosing genital herpes accurately is very important because the genital herpes virus can have sometimes severe complications on a person. It is a persistent infection that will affect some people emotionally, physically, and sexually for the rest of their life.

Have you been researching genital herpes symptoms and pictures of outbreaks and trying to diagnose yourself? I remember doing this and being shocked and scared to death looking at the herpes pictures that I found. I've had many restless nights thinking of all the horrible pictures and symptoms of herpes.

Trying to visually self-diagnose your condition is not a very good idea. And you should never let a doctor visually diagnose genital herpes.

Many people have had herpes misdiagnosis and have been improperly treated for infections such as razor burn, ingrown hairs, and yeast infections. This can be very costly and irresponsible for a person who has herpes signs and symptoms. If a woman becomes infected with the herpes virus, especially during the third trimester, she has an increased risk of transmitting it to her newborn baby. Neonatal herpes is a life-threatening infection and must be accurately diagnosed.

In a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, it was found that professionally trained medical health care providers visually misdiagnosed herpes 20% of the time. This is simply amazing! Now if a doctor can visually misdiagnose herpes herpes this much, what would make you think that you could accurately diagnose yourself?

This is why efficient methods of treating genital herpes depend on the proper mechanisms for testing.

Diagnosing Genital Herpes

Diagnosing HSV2 after the primary episode is not an easy task. Because the infection infrequently reoccurs a viral culture from an active outbreak may be hard to obtain. And since nearly 80% of people already have HSV-1 or cold sores, a discovery of HSV-1 by a common herpes blood test would not positively identify a genital infection.

Although open sores and genital blisters may be visible to the eye, several different herpes tests may be required to determine whether the sores are caused by the genital herpes virus or from another type of infection. One of the most common method of diagnosing genital herpes is by a viral culture.

A viral culture is taken by swabbing a new genital blister. The swab sample added to a laboratory culture that contains healthy cells. These cells are then examined under a microscope a couple of days later. The growth of the herpes virus would show specific changes to the cells.

They’re other methods of diagnosing herpes available. It's important to understand that the herpes virus is extremely hard to find and the fact that a test fails to detect the virus in an active sore does not mean that a person does not have genital herpes.

Diagnosing Genital Herpes Accurately

The genital herpes virus can be very difficult to accurately diagnose, but an accurate diagnosis is absolutely required because it’s the foundation for everything that follows. A proper herpes diagnosis cannot be emphasized enough. Be prepared for some uncertainty and misinformation because testing methods are changing rapidly. Although the process can seem overwhelming, expensive and sometimes embarrassing, don't settle for anything less than a conclusive result. You don't have to, and you'll be glad that you persevered in getting the best possible answers.

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