Dating with herpies

by Patrici

I started dating a guy in 2012 . Within 4 months of dating I had a new virus breakout. I confronted the guy.

After I knew for sure what it was. We continued to date.

For a year and a half. Our relationship was good for about 6 months of that year and a half. I m unsure with myself if the disease made me hang on to him knowing he gave it to me or why I put myself through staying with someone who wasn't treating me as a true girlfriend.

I am sad to say it's been 2 1/2 years since he broke up with me and I still have not dated anyone .
I am afraid to pass this to someone else.

His excuse of why he broke up with me was because
he was upset with himself for giving me this. Which now he is engaged to someone he met around the time he broke up with me .

So deep down I feel he just wanted to be with this other girl. But here I am depressed feeling
awful. I have herpes and not even sure if I know how to even be a gf anymore. My biggest fears are rejection.

And passing it on.:( thanks for taking time to read this and if anyone has any advice for me it would be greatly appreciated.

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