Can I Get Genital Herpes From A Brazilian Wax

by Joanne

Could you kindly help me? I have a question about herpes transmission. About 5 months ago I had Brazilian waxing, I noticed that the lady didn't change the wax cassette, but too late, she claimed it was sanitized. It was 4 pm and the lady said she had just come and there was nobody working in the room since evening.

Anyway, I didn't notice anything strange afterwards, I passed tests for STD and they came back clear 1/5 month later. I was very nervous, 2 months later noticed a small cut, but the OBGYN said I just rubbed it and it didn't look like herpes. It didn't hurt and disappeared the same day.

5 month after waxing I noticed similar cuts as I think they were rather painful when I touched them. It was my period and I'm sure I rubbed this area, then shaved it, they didn't go away in 2 days, as cuts normally do. They bled when I put some cream to cure or perfume to disinfect. They hurt only when touched.

I went to the OBGYN and she said it was herpes. I was devastated. Neither me nor my husband had ever had that. I took the pills and cream. The cuts disappeared and they didn't crust over.

Neither did I have pimples before cuts. Do I have a chance that it is not herpes and could I have got it if it is from waxing or it laid dormant in me for years?

I would appreciate so much if you answer. I feel so filthy, I don't want to hurt my husband, I can't forgive myself that only waxing - I have no other clue although my OBGYN says that is impossible.

Thank you for sharing your questions. First of all if you do have herpes then it most certainly did not come from waxing. The virus that causes herpes cannot live outside of the body for very long periods of time. Additionally, transmission can only occur through skin to skin contact.

Additionally, I can't diagnose your condition whether you have herpes or pimples. My advice to everyone who has doubts is to simply have another test for herpes. If you are not currently experiencing an outbreak then get a blood test. If you feel that you are experiencing a herpes outbreak then have a culture test done.

A visual diagnosis from a doctor is not always accurate with about 25% being inaccurate. So always insist on a blood test or culture to confirm their visual assessment.

Although highly unlikely it is possible that the virus did lay dormant and has only raised its ugly head recently. A more likely scenario is that you have had outbreaks before but simply overlooked the symptoms or dismissed them as another condition. It is possible that you have also been hypersensitive since the waxing and have been closely watching.

Something else that you may want to consider...just because you were the first person to be diagnosed with herpes doesn't mean that you are the only "positive" person in your marriage. Your husband could have been the one to pass it to you. The only way to know for sure is to have him tested too and if his tests come back "negative" then you'll know.

However, if he comes back "positive", you're back to square one. Because neither one of you can accurately say who gave it to who.

I know this is a difficult time and you feel so confused about how and where you might have gotten this little virus but you should try and focus on which treatment works best and getting your life back on track. Dwelling on who, what, where, when and how you got it is not healthy for you or your husband.

You've found a great place here and I hope to hear back from you soon with your great success story!

Wishing you success and happiness!


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Feb 25, 2012
Thank you for fast answer
by: Anonymous

Dear Ed,

Thank you for very much for your fast answer. I feel so much better now. I'll try to find a laboratory where they have separate tests for HSV2 because in most places they test you for both without dividing between the types and incidence of HSV1 in my area is 100%. And will hope for the better.
Anyway, the doctor reassured me that it is not a problem to worry about and from medical point of view it's harmless.
It is mostly because of the stigma that you think it can reach anybody except you if you don't sleep around.
Your project is one of the most helpful in the internet. Thank you once again.

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