Avoid Getting Genital Herpes Advice

by Vovka
(Newark, nj)

I finally got it, yep, I have to confess I had so many sexual partners like no one else on a planet. I am 29, male, and bisexual. Let me tell you how all this happened.

Tuesday - some discomfort in anal area. I knew something was wrong. No pain, no itch, but some unusual feeling down there.

Wednesday - I noticed that its getting hard to defecate, like my rectum got swollen, only very thin stool came out. By the end of the day, got completely constipated, basta.

Thursday - here comes fever, horrible headaches, dizziness, night chills and sweats.

Friday - same constipation, plus my legs started hurting so MUCH, it got swollen or some bone pain, I don't know, but i couldn't even walk. Had to take Advil every 4 hours to kill the pain.

Same day went to proctologist. He examined my rectum and said nothing strange was there, wished me good luck and sent me home, no medication prescribed.(God bless this doctor).

Saturday-leg pain subsided. Still fever and headaches.I noticed some strange feeling under my left scapular on a back. Looked at the mirror and there was something that really scared me.

Some rash in a cluster, very tiny red bumps there. Didn't really itch, but created some muscle tension over there in whole scapular area.

Still constipated. Same night on Friday started having unbearable lower back pain at night time. Taking Advil every 4 hours to be able to sleep. Still constipated.

Sunday-leg pain is finally gone, constipation and rash remains. Fever, chills and headaches subsided. You guessed it, another surprise, urination got into trouble, I could hardly urinate, it seemed to be getting completely blocked.

Same night, I realized that I got herpes, I started crying and hating myself for all irresponsible fun that I allowed myself. That was a drama.

Monday - lower back pain is gone, still constipated and unable to urinated. When to the doctor. He diagnosed herpes when I showed him the rash on a back. Prescribed me Valtrax and other antibiotics for bacteria.

Tuesday - Getting better, was able to urinated by the end of the day.

Wednesday - started defecate a little bit. Getting better. Rash remains on a back same day.The skin generally remains in a very dry and uncomfortable state.

Conclusion. I will never have sex with anyone again. I didn't realize all the consequences of Herpes right away, but when i did, i was in emotional pain and drama. My advice, please don't f...k around!!!!!!

Thank you for sharing your story with our community. Your advice is right on and I couldn't have said it better myself. However, as many of my readers can attest, it only takes one sex partner to catch it. And with nearly 50% of the population having some type of herpes (HSV-1 or HSV-2) the odds of catching it...well, let's just say are a lot better than winning the lottery!

Thanks again for sharing your herpes story. Don't hesitate to come back and visit us again. Feel free to comment and provide advice for others.

Wishing your success and happiness!


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