A Clean Herpes Test One Day and Positive The Next

I was recently diagnosed with genital herpes. I have never felt so bad nor have I ever wanted to take my life away in so many ways. Being that I am only 19 with a HUGE future I thought my world had just ended.

I know who I contracted this from when, where, and how. I'm so disappointed in myself due to the fact that the night it happen I was hesitant at the time to have sex with my partner. I was just hesitant about the whole night, but I still went with it. The crazy thing is I mentioned a condom before it happen and he just brushed it off.

Shoot we both kinda just brushed it off because to my knowledge we were just having sex with each other at the time. I felt safe with him because we had sex before and I got tested afterwards for a yearly check-up and was CLEAN.

The crazy thing is.... I had got tested and got my results which were clear (just a reminder) TWO days before the night we had sex. Which was the night I was exposed to the genital herpes virus. I don't know if its crazy to anyone else who is reading this but its crazy to me!

Long story short.... I was maybe down for a week, I didn't eat for about 3days and didn't sleep either. I was having panic attacks and cried my eyes out until I couldn't cry anymore. The only way I could sleep was by taking a Tylenol PM. But what really helped in this situation was COMMUNICATING. TALKING this whole situation out. As my advice to anyone out DO NOT hold in your emotions. Let it ALL out and at the end of the day DO NOT stress because your life isn't over. Through this situation I've heard two good lines from the people who love me ONE was....

" Your life has only just begun, and now you have a whole new Chapter to write"
It took me a while to really understand this and convince myself that IT WILL BE OK. But now I get it.

The second line was in regards to if I'll ever be in a relationship again...

"The next guy you get with will be the luckiest man alive because he will get the REAL you"
I cried when i heard that because ITS TRUE.

I didn't mean to write so much but this actually helped me to cope with my situation being that it is pretty recent. I just want everyone to understand there is a way. Stay healthy, stress-free, and please just try to live life.
Lets hope for a CURE very soon!!!!!!!

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