The Sunny Side of HSV Newsletter - Valentine's Day Edition

Howdy from the Great State of Texas!

I hope that everybody enjoyed the holidays and are sticking to their New Year's Resolutions (I think mine lasted for about a week). It seems like only yesterday that we were slicing turkey and watching the Santa tracker on the local news channel.

I have a very special newsletter prepared for you this month. It's theme is around Valentine's Day and I have a very special gift for you.

Let's take a look inside this "lover's" issue...

If you're anything like me, flowers and candy are a staple every Valentine's day. My wife has already been dropping hints about the kind of chocolate that she wants (yea, she's not shy about telling me what she wants!)

What she don't know is that I found a neat twist on one of her old favorites..M&M's. I know what you're thinking, "M&M's for Valentine's Day"? You're such a cheap husband you are!". Well, not exactly....

You can read about the special twist on an old favorite here

Don't Have a Special Person in Your Life? It's not to late to find someone before the big day!

I truly love online dating! It’s fun, easy and if done right you can meet some very exciting people. And maybe find your perfect match. In fact, I met my beautiful wife online. But beware! I DO NOT recommend using Herpes or STD related online dating sites! They are filled with people who have extremely low self-esteem and low self-confidence. And most sites are not very active and unless you live in a major city you will not find many members. I know because I've tried a few and even living in Houston, I was finding myself searching cities that were simply too far away.

The web is filled with online dating sites and choosing the right one is critical to finding your perfect match. Choose the wrong one and your chances of finding "Mr or Miss Right" are greatly reduced and can seem like an impossible journey.

Don't worry! I've got your back!

CLICK HERE to read my review of some of the most popular online dating sites that I have personally used and recommend.

Are you new to the online dating world? Or perhaps you've tried it before but didn't get the results that you wanted? Again, don't worry! I have your back...again!

I own and operate another website, that will make the process a lot smoother and maybe teach you a few things that will greatly enhance your experiences.

I have created a completely free, no strings attached 5-day course that you can sign up for. Lessons will be emailed to you everyday where you will learn some great tips and tricks that will make the journey much more FUN and EXCITING.

The tips that I give you for creating a compelling profile are invaluable and completely worth your time for signing up.

CLICK HERE to get started on a new online dating experience!

Article of the Month - 4 Amazing Tips for De-Stressing The Mind!

Learning to eliminate or greatly reduce stress from your life is such a critical factor to be able to control your HSV outbreaks. This alone will often reduce outbreaks by as much as 50%.

But how do you do it?

CLICK HERE to read 4 Amazing Tip to De-Stress Your Mind

Inspirational Quotes of the Month

As always I've provided a few of my favorite Inspirational quote that you can read that might help boost your spirits a bit. CLICK HERE to read the Inspirational quotes of the month

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As always I love hearing from you! If you have questions, ideas for new content or just need someone to talk to, feel free to drop me a line.

I usually answer emails within 24 hours.

To your success and happiness!



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