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[Inspirational Video Inside!] Talking About Our Little Visitor
July 22, 2014

Ed DeVinney's

"Talking About Your Little Visitor"

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It's HOT in Houston!

Hi Greatness! I hope you're having an amazing day. The sun is shining and it's HOT here in Houston, TX! Just trying to stay cool is challenging these days! Even the water is warm!

I know that you didn't sign up for this newsletter for my personal weather report. So without further delay....let's get started!

I need a personal favor from you, if you don't mind.

I'm always in search of great ways to make better and more meaningful to everyone.

At some point you got yourself on this mailing list, and you were probably seeking something fairly specific in terms of information on herpes and how to get a certain result (or results) in your life with herpes. I just want to make sure I'm addressing what's most important to you.

What I think you want could be totally different than what you TRULY most want and need, and as such perhaps I haven't yet given you what you're looking for, though I'm probably capable of delivering it!

So I'm just simply asking: What is the end RESULT you were looking for when you either signed up for free information from us, or joined one of our programs?

Look, the ONLY reason I do this work is because I want people to experience the same amazing shifts that I was able to when I fully came to understand all of this. Otherwise, honestly, I'd be out in the world fishing, riding my bike, and a whole bunch of other things that are a part of who I am.

Right now, however, I'm clear that teaching these principles are an important part of my own path...and I enjoy doing it. But it's the MOST fun when people like you experience the realization of exactly what they're looking for.

So that's why I'm asking what that is. I'm assuming you originally came to me for some help. So let's see about getting you that.

If you responded to this email directly, I'd be deluged with email, so I want to try to gather your response in a more organized way, so I created a short form where you can give me your feedback.

If you could take 2 minutes and complete a short questionnaire, it would not only help me create more content but it will help others too! And there really isn't anything like helping others, is it?

Just Click Here to complete the form!

Thank You Sooo Much!

[Confession] Where I Turn For Support...

The past year was HELL for me in many ways...

I also had some absolutely amazing life-changing things happen, but it was a "rebirthing process" that did not come without a significant amount of discomfort.

Even those of us who help others need support sometimes, and I definitely fell into that category.

When it comes to "personal" issues, I'm very careful about who I go to for support. I need a person who understands and respects my own personal philosophy, but will also give me the support I need to re-adjust my own alignment with my vision and sense of passion - and when life "knocks you down", it can be difficult to do that sometimes, even with the best of tools and information.

So who was one of my primary "supporters" during that time? Who was able to give me the support I needed to keep going when it was super tough?

My amazing friend Sonia Ricotti. I told you about her last week, and I invited you to check out her free Unsinkable "Bounce Back" webinar.

So did you go see it?

If not, it normally would have been a missed opportunity - but this time, you have a second chance, and if you are in ANY way dealing with circumstances that are challenging - and if you wonder sometimes how you'll get through another day, then PLEASE - take the time to let Sonia help you, as she has done for me.

Due to the high demand, Sonia has decided to schedule three more "encore" webinars.

==> Register here for this powerful encore presentation!.

Do your best to arrive a little bit early so you have a spot (and also, so you don't miss any of Sonia's incredible training!).

This is a super powerful and inspirational 90+ minute webinar workshop that will help you get through ANY tough time you may be going through now (or any you may go through in the future).

Everyone should master the 3 steps that Sonia teaches in this webinar.

By mastering those 3 steps, you WILL transform your life -- in ALL areas of your life (finances, relationships, health, business, career, etc).

People have said this is one of THE BEST webinars they've ever seen, and many people come back to watch it over and over again!

==> Register here to master the 3 steps.

No matter what obstacles you may be experiencing in your life right now (financial, health, career or relationship issues), you CAN turn things around very QUICKLY and Sonia will show you how.

This is truly a life-transforming webinar you are absolutely going to love.

==> Register here for this powerful encore presentation!.

Inspirational Quotes of The Week

"You cannot live a positive life with a negative mind. Get rid of the "Can'ts" and start saying "I CAN"!

"Excuses are the only thing holding you back"

"The walls we build around us to keep out the sadness also keep out the joy" - Jim Rohn

Inspirational Video of The Week

As you watch this amazing video think about your own situation. Think about what you've struggled with. Think about how lucky you really are to be able to enjoy all the little things in life.

In the grand scheme of life, having herpes really isn't abig of a it?

Hopefully, watching this video will help you put your life back into the perspective that it needs to be.


News About Our "Little Visitor"

Oh wow! We've been seeing a lot of news about our "Little Visitor" lately. After months of nothing newsworthy, the internet has come to life with a few interesting articles and stories. Listed below are a few that I think are interesting...


Website Article: "You Probably Have Herpes"

I came across this interesting story the other day that basically states that "we all have herpes". The author of the article based his/her conclusions on the research of a IAMA virologist who studies the herpes virus. You can read the AMA study here

The article, "You Probably Have Herpes" is eye-opening to the general public but nothing much new to those of us who already have herpes.

You Can Read the Full Article Here *****************************************************************

News Article: HIV Prevention Drug May Reduce Risk of Genital Herpes by a Third

A combination drug used to treat and prevent HIV -- Truvada -- may have an additional benefit: lowering the risk of a genital herpes infection, a new study suggests. But don't get your hopes up! Experts don't believe that it will ever become a "stand alone" treatment for genital herpes...mainly because it costs about $1,000 per month in the US.

You Can Read The Full Article on WebMD *****************************************************************

Los Angeles Daily News Article: "Pro Surfer Accused of Spreading Genital Herpes to a Woman"

A professional surfer is being sued by a woman who alleges she contracted herpes from him during their relationship.

Mary Bigler filed the lawsuit Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court against Allen Sarlo. Her allegations include battery, negligence, emotional distress and misrepresentation. She seeks at least $5 million

You Can Read The Full Article Here *****************************************************************


******************************************************************* If you've just meet someone new or maybe you've decided to get back into dating again, then you absolutely have an uphill battle in front of you. But it doesn't have to be. I have developed a proven system that will eliminate your fear of being rejected, ashamed or scared. Check it out HERE! *******************************************************************

Natural Health Tip of The Week!

Are you lucky enough to have a fun swivel chair at work? Use its twirl to your advantage with this oblique ab fix. Sitting upright and with the feet hovering over the floor, hold the edge of your desk with your fingers and thumb. Next, use the core to swivel the chair from side to side. Swish back and forth for 15 rounds.

FREEBIE of The Week! (FREE Download)

Everybody knows that the best way to really take control of your herpes outbreaks is to maintain a healthy lifestyle consisting of a healthy diet and exercise. This week's freebie is:

"Training & Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean-Body"

You can download it here

I hope you enjoy your free copy of this wonderful book. Please feel free to email this e-book to any of your friends, family, or co-workers that you think would enjoy these topics. They will surely be thrilled that you shared all of this information with them!

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