Famciclovir Side Effects

There are many mild Famciclovir Side Effects as with all medications.  Typically the side effects of these antiviral medicines are normally quite minimum (if any) in most people BUT there are some side effects that are more common. These include headaches, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, hair loss, joint pain and a general feeling of sickness.

The most common famciclovirside effects include headaches, diarrhea, and nausea. As with valacylovir, the risk of kidney damage is increased when it’s used in combination with other medications that are known to be harmful to the kidneys.  Make sure to talk to your doctor immediately if you notice a change in the amount of urine that you are producing, if your skin and/or eyes begin to turn a yellowish color, or if you begin to bleed and bruise easily.

Although very rare, these additional serious side effects should be reported to your doctor immediately: if you become easily agitated, slow thinking, experience hallucinations, confusion, dizzy, easily fatigued and sleepiness.

You should immediately cease taking any of herpes medications and seek emergency medical attention immediately if you are experiencing severe symptoms of an allergic reaction to the medicines.

These symptoms include; itching and or swelling in and around your mouth, tongue and face, severe feelings of dizziness, and breathing troubles.

Although famciclovir does have some minor side effects, caution should always be used when taking any prescription medicine.  famciclovir is considered to be safe and very few people experience severe effects. To reduce the genital herpes medications side effects, famciclovir or should be taken with food.

Before taking any genital herpes medicine you should always have a complete medical history review with your doctor. You should always tell your doctor about any kidney problems or conditions and immune system deficiencies. Make sure that you inform your health care provider of any and all prescription medicines, over-the-counter medicines, vitamins and supplements that you are currently taking. Some of these may produce adverse effects or increase the side effects of the antiviral drugs.

You should always study your options and the different treatment methods doctors’ use when prescribing antiviral drugs for genital herpes. You should also study the benefits of taking famciclovir and if the benefits outweigh the potential famciclovir side effects.

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